Air Conditioner Security Cages
Custom Sizes Available

Worldwide market demand for copper has increased steadily over the past few years, inflating the price. With inflated values, opportunistic thieves have been known to steal copper-laden AC units from commercial and residential sites.

Outdoor A/C units are vulnerable. Thieves can gain easy access at night while you're closed or on vacation. 

You can protect your air conditioner units from theft and vandalism with our AC protection cages. We manufacture AC security cages in custom sizes for commercial and residential properties. 

  • Custom Sizes
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Expert Installation

Our experience and capabilities service the metal fabrication needs of large and small customers alike. Our clients include: restaurants, hospitals, schools and universities, churches, commercial buildings, industrial complexes and many homeowners.

Our customers demand high quality, cost efficient products and manufacturing solutions. 

If you need an AC cage or other custom fabrication, call Ohio Heating & Air Conditioning at 614.863.6666 or fill out the form to the left and someone from our team will contact you soon.

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