Building Automation Controls

If you manage a commercial or industrial building, you know that energy is the number one cost.  Ohio Heating and Refrigeration has a wide range of building controls that can keep your building climate within a specified range, light rooms based on an occupancy schedule (in the absence of overt switches to the contrary), monitor performance and device failures in all systems, provide malfunction alarms (via typically email and/or text notifications) to building engineering/maintenance staff and contractors. 

The advantages of building automation are:

  • improved comfort for occupants
  • efficient operation of building systems
  • reduction in energy consumption and operating costs

You can reduce building energy and maintenance costs compared to a non-controlled building.  Commercial and industrial building managers have come to rely on this "smart building" technology and the expertise of Ohio Heating & Refrigeration.

Our Building Management Services Include:  

  • Smart, Efficient, Integrated Energy Management Systems
  • Energy & Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Customized Systems
  • LEED AP O+M on Staff
  • Authorized Novar and Trend Dealer

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