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Apr 29, 2021 10:02:00 AM

Seasonal allergies are an immune response to pollen and mold. You have an allergic reaction when your immune system thinks that these allergens are something dangerous. Antibodies are then air cleaner 22-108529-edited created to combat the allergens. Histamine is produced and this results in allergy symptoms. 

These symptoms can last for several weeks or even months. Frequent sinus, ear, and respiratory infections can also be caused by allergies.

It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether you are suffering from a cold or hay fever, but there are ways to distinguish between the two, experts say.

Runny, stuffy or itchy noses, sneezing, coughing, fatigue, and headaches can all be symptoms of both allergies and colds, but pay close attention to minor details to tell the difference.

People who suffer from spring or fall allergies have much more itching of their noses. This is often accompanied with fits of sneezing. An itchy, scratchy throat or itchy eyes are also signs of allergies.

Experts advise people with allergies to stay indoors, but often the air inside the house has more toxins and allergens than outside.

What should you do? Consider a whole house filtration system.

The first line of defense is to clean the air in your home. Removing dust. allergens and odors can do wonders for the health and the quality of your family's life. The EPA reports that indoor air quality can be 100 times worse than outside air. This is usually from airborne pollutants such as dust,pollen,dirt,mold spores and dander.

Premium priced furnace filters can't match the performance of whole house filtration equipment. A high-efficiency air cleaner attached to your heating and cooling system can silently and effectively rid indoor air of air borne irritants and many biological contaminants in your entire home. Air, free of harmful contaminants, is essential for good health.

How clean is the air in your house? Even the best air filters won't rid your home of the viruses, allergens, bacteria, and harmful gases emitted from products in your home from sources such as cleaning products, pesticides, carpet and upholstered furniture. These are present in all houses.

Today's homes are constructed tighter than ever trapping stale indoor air and pollutants. Proper air filtration cleans the air in your entire home. Whole house air cleaners treat 100% of the air flowing through your system before it circulates, to remove bacteria, viruses, pollen and mold from the air.

Ohio Heating and Air Conditioning is a company that is not only a leader in heating and cooling systems, but in providing our customers the highest quality of indoor air. Our indoor air experts can diagnose and help you solve any indoor air quality issues you may have.

Give us a call or fill out the form on the right to learn how to improve your home's air quality. We service all makes and models of air cleaners and ultraviolet air purifiers.


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