Signs You Need an Air Purifier

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Aug 17, 2021 12:54:31 PM

The EPA reports that your indoor air quality can be up to a hundred times more polluted than the air outside.  The CDC found that asthma cases among US citizens are increasing at an exponential rate pet allergies_s each year, especially as we spend more and more time in our homes.

Indoor air pollution is an issue in many homes, but an air purifier can help solve many problems. Do you know how to tell if your home needs an air filtration system? 

Signs you need air filtration system at your home:

  1. You notice a lot of dust.  If your house seems to quickly gather layers of dust, it may be a signal that you need an air filtration system.
  2. Your allergies are acting up. If you notice yourself or others in your home sneezing a lot, this could be triggered by pollen, dust and animal dander in your air. These particles can irritate your sinuses and cause sneezing. A good air purifier with HEPA filters will filter and sanitize the air.
  3. The indoor air is stale and/or stuffy. Bad odors in your home can indicate poor air quality. A whole house air purifier will help eliminate foul smells from your home.
  4. Loud snoring while sleeping. Pet dander, pollen and other allergens can cause your airways to be congested. This congestion can result in snoring during sleep. A whole house air purifier can help you sleep better and snore less.
  5. You want to reduce viruses. A good air purifier can reduce contaminants such as viruses in a home or confined space. Ion air purifiers, like the iWave, offer many benefits for your family's health. Recent laboratory testing has proven this system eliminates up to 99.4% of bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-19.

If you’d like some assistance in selecting the right air filtration system for your home, call Ohio Heating & Air Conditioning. Our experienced techs can help you find the right equipment for your home and your budget. 614-863-6666  

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