Time to Winterize Your Home

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Nov 23, 2021 1:48:57 PM

Are you interested in a cost-efficient and healthy way to winterize your home? Then these tips are for you. 

Here are 8 tips to prepare your home for winter:winter indoor homes

  1. Many people insulate their homes before winter strikes. Consider using green alternatives, cellulose, and spray foam for insulation instead of traditional insulation. Also, covering your windows in plastic wrap is a cheap and easy way to keep out those harsh winter winds.

  2. Invest in a garage solar heater. If you have a garage attached to your home, it can add to your heating bill as well as make it more difficult to heat your home efficiently. Garages are typically, larger, unheated or air-conditioned spaces that attach to a communal area of your home, which means if your garage is cold, this can transfer to parts of your home as well. A garage solar heater is a great idea to keep your garage warm and inevitably, your entire home warm.

  3. Planting plants and trees close to your home can really save you money in not only the winter but the summer as well. Plants are natural windbreakers and shades. In doing this, it can save you 30% on your energy bill and it’s great for all seasons.

  4. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans. This will circulate so that the hot air will go down and spread throughout your home. Also, make sure that your furniture is moved off of your vents so the air can reach the intended rooms. Pets also like to hang around the warm vents in the winter, so make sure they are not directly in the way of this.

  5. Don’t close the vents in rooms you are not using. Many people make this mistake. This will make your heater work harder to heat the house and it does not account for the room that the vent is closed in. Not only will this not save you on your heating bill, but it can also bring a discomforting temperature to other rooms in your home. If you have rooms you are not using, you may want to consider zoning.

  6. Have your furnace checked annually to make sure that it is running properly. It is best to do this before the extreme cold weather comes so you are not stuck in a cold house if it happens to be malfunctioning. Furnaces that are older than 15 years need to be replaced or reevaluated. Older furnaces are only 60% percent efficient while newer ones are around 96% efficient. This investment can save you hundreds on your bill.

  7. Turning down your thermostat to around 68 degrees can dramatically reduce your energy costs while still maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your home.

  8. Replacing and cleaning your furnace filters is very important for allergy and cleanliness purposes. Your home filters should be checked at least every three months to maintain the best kept home.

If you’ve been unhappy about your heating costs in the past, use these 8 tips to see some return in your bills this winter and live comfortably.  If you are interested in a new, more efficient furnace, contact Ohio Heating & Air for a free estimate on the cost of a new furnace. We've been providing furnace installation, service and repairs to residents in Columbus and Central Ohio for over 22 years.  Our technicians are factory trained and NATE certified. They can recommend the best heating system for your home and your budget.


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