Common Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repaired

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Aug 16, 2020 7:00:00 AM

There are many things that can go wrong with your A/C system, especially if you don’t have it regularly serviced. Knowing the warning signs before the problems escalate can save you money and headaches.

Warning Signs of AC Malfunction:

No Cold Air
Maintaining your equipment yearly, greatly improves the ability of your unit to cool your home. Lack of cool air can mean several things... the compressor has failed or the level of refrigerant is low are just a few. AC repair 66

Weak Air Flow
If the air vents for the system have weak little air blowing, the issue may be with the compressor. If some rooms in your home have cool air while other areas are warmer, the problem may be with the ductwork. 

Moisture Around the Unit
Unusual leaks and moisture around your air conditioning unit are a problem. A refrigerant leak can pose serious health risks to everyone in your home. Call an expert technician right away if you suspect that this is the issue.

If the area near your air conditioner has puddles of water, this is a sign that the drain tube that removes the condensation from your unit may be broken or blocked. This is not as serious as a refrigerant leak, but you still need a technician to perform the proper repair to avoid mold from growing.

Faulty Thermostat
The most common signs of a broken thermostat are: Thermostat display is off or is non-responsive, turning on the heat or AC does nothing, and the heat or AC will come on, but either stays on nonstop or cuts out before the temperature setting is reached.

Unfamiliar or Musty Odors
Foul or pungent odors emitting from the vents of your AC, usually indicate burned out wire insulation. Musty odors signal that there’s mold growth either in the ductwork or inside the unit itself. These are problems that need to be fixed right away to prevent health problems from developing.

Unusual Sounds From A/C System
An AC unit that is properly operating barely makes any sound. Strange or unusual noises from the unit means that there is something wrong. 

These are the major signals that your air conditioning system needs attention. It is advised that your A/C be serviced regularly for proper maintenance, not only to extend its life but also to ensure that it works properly and efficiently.

The only time that most people pay any attention to their air conditioner is when it isn't cooling. If your equipment isn't functioning properly, you need to call Ohio Heating & Air Conditioning for expert service and installation.

Our technicians are highly trained, NATE certified and fully licensed to repair, install and maintain all major brands of air conditioning systems. 

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