Don't Buy the Wrong Industrial Fan

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Oct 8, 2021 10:25:17 AM

An exhaust fan is one of the most widely used components of HVAC equipment in both commercial and industrial facility applications. An exhaust fan can effectively and efficiently pull air out of a building and replace it with fresh air when properly installed. Hospitals, schools, commercial ventilation systems warehouses, manufacturing plants, foundries, bakeries, paint shops, workshops, machine shops, parking garages or commercial kitchens all use some form of ventilation and they all utilize exchange fans.

There is more to an industrial or commercial ventilation system than the installation of a huge exhaust fan. These ventilation systems bring fresh air from outdoors into the workspace and remove contaminated indoor air. Installing an industrial or commercial ventilation system is an integral part of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for employees.

Buying the right fan to move air throughout your workspace requires precise calculations to determine the airflow needed within the space to attain air or heat quality standards. Part of the equation is whether your application needs negative, positive or balanced pressure. 

A fan's effectiveness is dictated by the configurations of the propeller pitch, size, and shape as well as the ventilation structure, (natural supply/natural exhaust, natural supply/forced exhaust, forced supply/forced exhaust and forced supply/natural exhaust).

Whether using roof exhaust fans or a wall mount fan, a properly installed system will remove contaminated air and replace it at the same rate. 

Ohio Heating can help you choose the right exhaust fan for your application. We provide a broad range of ventilation and airflow control products for commercial and industrial projects. We have systems that can drastically reduce energy consumption and improve the overall indoor air quality of your space. Call us if you need help with your ventilation issues. 614-863-6666

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Commercial Ventilation Systems

Posted by Ohio Heating

Sep 1, 2021 6:30:00 AM

The circulation of air throughout a building is ventilation. The ventilation of a commercial property relies heavily on the HVAC system. A good HVAC system should provide air to building occupants at a comfortable Ventilation system 2020-1 temperature, at comfortable humidity levels and be free of harmful concentrations of air pollutants.

Improper operation and maintenance of HVAC systems are the most common problems that impact workplace indoor environmental quality (IEQ). 

The heating & air systems serve to dilute and remove contaminants from occupied areas, such as:

  • carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide
  • tobacco smoke
  • molds and bacteria
  • cleaning products
  • copy machines and printers
  • pesticides
  • vehicle exhaust

There are three basic elements to building ventilation:

 1. Ventilation Rate. The amount of outdoor air that is provided into the space, and the quality of the outdoor air 

 2. Airflow Direction. The overall airflow direction in a building, which should be from clean zones to dirty zones

 3. Airflow Pattern. The external air should be delivered to each part of the space efficiently and the airborne pollutants generated in each part of the space should also be removed efficiently.

Mechanical ventilation that is driven by fans and hybrid ventilation systems are the most common types of ventilation in Central Ohio.

With mechanical ventilation, fans can either be installed directly in windows or walls, or installed in air ducts for supplying air into or exhausting air from a room.

The type of mechanical ventilation used depends on the climate. In cold climates, exfiltration needs to be prevented to reduce interstitial condensation, and negative pressure ventilation is used. For a room with locally generated pollutants, such as a bathroom, toilet or kitchen, the negative pressure system is often used. In a negative pressure system, the room is in negative pressure, and the room air is compensated by “sucking” air from outside.

Hybrid ventilation relies on natural driving forces to provide the desired flow rate. It uses mechanical ventilation when the natural ventilation flow rate is too low.

If natural ventilation alone is not suitable, exhaust fans can be installed to increase ventilation rates. This type of hybrid (mixed-mode) ventilation needs to be used with care. The fans should be installed where room air can be exhausted directly to the outdoor environment through either a wall or the roof. The size and number of exhaust fans depend on the targeted ventilation rate and should be measured and tested before use.

The use of exhaust fans can have issues such as difficulty installing large fans, noise especially from high-power fans, increased or decreased temperature in the space and the need for a non-stop electricity supply. If the environment in the space causes thermal discomfort, spot cooling or heating systems and ceiling fans can be added.

Ohio Heating provides a broad range of ventilation and airflow control products for commercial projects. We have systems that can drastically reduce energy consumption and improve the overall indoor air quality of your commercial space. Give us a call at 614-863-6666 to learn more.

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How to Eliminate Odors in Your Home

Posted by Ohio Heating

Sep 10, 2015 12:25:57 PM

Are there lingering odors in your home?  When something smells, the first impulse is to grab a can of air freshener. But these cover-ups are usually worse than the original smell and can add further contamination to your home from their chemical ingredients.

The key to clean air is finding and eliminating the source of the odor.  As a quick and temporary fix you can use an air spray. There are two types of sprays.  One is an air freshener and the other is an odor counteractant. Odor counteractants don't just hide or mask a smell. They actually get rid of it.  There are many counteractants on the market. Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Febreze are just a couple you can try. Burning candles can also provide a temporary solution, but they don’t get rid of source of the odors either.  

The Two Most Important Ways to Eliminate Odors:

bad_smell-693735-editedImprove Ventilation
Poor ventilation in your home can also cause unpleasant odors. Moisture condensation on the walls or windows and stuffy air are signs of poor ventilation. A qualified heating and cooling service technician can inspect your home comfort system to determine if this is the problem. The technician can also check your heating and cooling to be sure the equipment is working properly.

Purify the Air
Bacteria, dust mites, animal dander, cat saliva and mold may also be the source of your home’s odor problem. 

Removing dust. allergens and odors can do wonders for the health and the quality of your family's life. The EPA reports that indoor air quality can be 100 times worse than outside air.

This is usually from airborne pollutants such as dust,pollen,dirt,mold spores and dander. Premium priced furnace filters can't match the performance of whole house filtration equipment. A high-efficiency air cleaner attached to your heating and cooling system can silently and effectively rid indoor air of air borne 

Even the best mechanical air filters won't rid your home of the viruses, allergens, bacteria, and harmful gases emitted from products in your home from sources such as cleaning products, pesticides, carpet and upholstered furniture.

Today's homes are constructed tighter than ever trapping stale indoor air and pollutants. Proper filtration cleans the air in your entire home. A whole-home air purifier treats 100% of the air flowing through your system before it circulates, to remove bacteria, viruses, pollen and mold from the air.

It is essential that you know that the air is safe and healthy in your home. Ohio Heating & Cooling knows that with today's busy schedules it's easy to be unaware of the state of your indoor air quality. Many people don't realize they can make simple adjustments to ensure that they have the highest quality air for their family.

We have solutions for removing bacteria, dust mites, animal dander and many more contaminants from your living space. Regardless of the age of your system, we have affordable solutions to improve the indoor air quality for you and your family.

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