Use Your HVAC to Control Mold in Commercial Property

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Aug 18, 2021 5:30:39 PM

Mold is very common in buildings, something commercial property managers often have to deal with. It can cause discomfort and irritation for the building’s occupants while mold solutions compromising indoor air quality if ignored.

Your HVAC system is an important component in controlling mold growth in your commercial property and preventing its spread. An experienced HVAC contractor, like Ohio Heating & Air, can help you deal with the problem. 

Mold forms under specific conditions. It needs water, a food source and the right temperature.  A commercial property's drywall, carpeting, wood and furnishings can be a source of food for mold. Mold also grows well on paper products, cardboard, and ceiling tiles. Excess moisture or dampness caused by relative temperatures can encourage mold development, as well as moisture from flooding or leaks.

Research has found that people who spend time in damp buildings are more likely to report health problems such as these:
 • Respiratory symptoms (such as in nose, throat, lungs)
 • Development or worsening of asthma
 • Hypersensitivity pneumonitis (a rare lung disease caused by an immune system response to repeated  inhalation of sensitizing substances such as bacteria, fungi, dust, and chemicals) 
 • Respiratory infections
 • Allergic rhinitis (often called “hay fever”)
 • Bronchitis

Your HVAC system can have a big impact on the indoor moisture level of your commercial property. If the system isn't operating properly, not only will it generate moisture that promotes the growth of mold, but it can also spread the mold spores through the ductwork.

Tips to Battle Mold in Your Commercial Building:

1. Check the drain pans. Make sure the drain pan is properly cleaned and sloped to prevent mold buildup.
2. Use the ventilation and dehumidification equipment. Excessive indoor moisture in your property promotes mold. Ohio Heating & Air offers a wide range of ventilators and dehumidifiers from top manufacturers such as Bryant® to meet your needs.
3. Invest in regular HVAC tune-ups and maintenance. An HVAC system can become wet or develop issues that lead to mold growth. Outdoor air dampers, ducts and air filters can all add to mold issues.

Ohio Heating & Air can handle your commercial and industrial HVAC repair, cleaning and maintenance needs. We’ll keep your commercial property comfortable and mold-free with our exceptional solutions. Call today at (614) 863-6666. Our experienced techs are bonded and insured.

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