Considering Zoning Your Commercial HVAC?

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Nov 29, 2021 6:45:00 AM

Just a few of the reasons to consider zoning your commercial HVAC includeZONING rev_COMMERCIAL-1 saving thousands of dollars in energy costs as well as improving the comfort of your occupants. 

Many light commercial buildings, offices, hotels, museums, and schools have only one thermostat and one HVAC system controlling multiple rooms, floors and offices. This can waste a lot of energy and provide inconsistent temperatures throughout the property.

Zoning your commercial building can provide temperature control for areas as large as an entire floor of your facility, or for smaller room-size areas. They can be installed to work with existing or new commercial HVAC systems to split the building into zones.

The zones are determined by factors such as the usage of each space, number of occupants and construction type.  They let you set temperatures in each area without impacting conditions across the building. 

When integrated with variable speed and/or two-stage HVAC systems, zoning your heating system allows your equipment to deliver peak performance and efficiency without continually operating at peak capacity. Lower speeds also mean quieter operation.

Benefits of Zoning:

Consistent Heating & Air Conditioning. Should an area need more heat or AC the thermostat for that area can be adjusted.  Empty offices or rooms can be adjusted. 

Custom Temperature Control. Zones in your property can be heated or cooled to accommodate the occupants. This can improve productivity.

Lower Energy Bills.  A properly designed system can reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning the facility by as much as 35%. 

At Ohio Heating & Refrigeration, we can design a system that will provide a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for your entire building.

  • Expert Design & Installation  ohio heating logo no bkg 1-1
  • Variable speed/and Two-Stage HVAC
  • Motorized Dampers
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Water Source Heat Pumps

The team at Ohio Heating & Air has helped thousands of property owners and building managers improve their energy management. We have a full line of energy-efficient equipment, building automation equipment and HVAC zoning controls. Contact us today to learn more about how you can use zoning to improve your bottom line.


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